Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we need an artist on our team? What is an artist?

A. We encourage the formation of multidisciplinary teams. The artfulness of the submission is scrutinized rigorously by the jury.

Q. There's a box on the skid in the Sketchup Model, does our complete project have to stay inside the box? Can it deploy?

A. The huts will be constructed off site and must be delivered to the rivers along a curved path with a given width, and the height is restricted by the height of the trees overhanging the path. Once on the river, the assembled size of the hut can be larger than the volume shown.

Q. What is my registration number? How do I get it?

A. Your registration number is self generated, so make up a series of letters and/or numbers no less than six characters long and place it on all pages of your submission. This number allows the jury to select blindly.