Winners v.2022

This Year's Invited Artist

Sounds Crazy Caboose

Al Simmons, Karl Simmons
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Sounds Crazy Caboose

There are crazy sounds emanating from The Forks.

Step inside this warming-hut-resonating-chamber and tell a story while you create your own sound effects, or invite your friends in and have a musical jam session.

Hand cranks, levers, tubes, and pedals connect with a myriad of instruments and they can all be played while wearing mitts and winter boots.

For the past 53 years, Juno award winning entertainer Al Simmons has toured the world showcasing his inventive music and comedy. His son Karl has made a career out of being an eccentric industrial-designer. The two of them have always dreamed that such a structure existed and are pleased to present their whimsical vision to their fellow Manitobans.

This Year's Winners

Singin’ In The Shower

Luca Roncoroni & Tina Soli
Drøbak, Norway

Singin' In The Shower

We all sing in the shower, and that feels good, liberating and funny.
We would like to invite people to do the same on a frozen river, in the middle of winter...that would be even more fun!

Get into one of the colourful showers along the trail... and start singing…


Democratic Architects
Sao Paulo, Brazil


No better shelter on a windy winter day than a warm hut facing a beautiful sunset. We propose to eternalize this moment in the shape of a temporary installation, not only to shelter visitors from the cold winds, but also to provide a place in which they can watch the Canadian sun setting, every day until it warms once again. By designing a simple and smooth structure we allow a merge between the sun shape and the frozen hills; when seen from the back, visitors will see a structure covered in snow, almost blending with the landscape, but from the other side... they will experience a heartwarming experience, a colourful face to reflect the sun rays and invite visitors to approach.

Warming Inflation Hands

Popper Zhu
Shanghai, China

Warming Inflation Hands

An air-inflated human hand, with a green bird sculpture standing on it.

When protecting small creatures, our hands always make this shelter shape. Confronted with the powerful nature like ice and snow, we are just like the small bird in a human hand. You can interact with this giant hand, feel its soft touch and the unusual scale. Hope this soft, orange hand can bring you some warmth both physically and psychologically.